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Mariah Sinclair is an award-winning designer. During most of her career, she worked for advertising agencies as a designer and digital marketer serving Fortune 500 companies and the City of Los Angeles. Then she designed her first book cover in 2001. Now known as the “Queen of Cozy,” Mariah’s clients regularly dominate the top of the cozy mystery charts on Amazon. 
She’s lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans and currently resides in the quaint Arizona town of Prescott in a cottage with her two cats. Mariah also volunteers as an Art Docent, teaching art appreciation and history to schoolchildren.

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What Authors Say About Mariah Sinclair Book Covers:

My contemporary cozy series had dismal numbers and never sold well. In fact, I'd given up writing the series even though I loved it. I couldn't justify the time. After Mariah Sinclair designed new custom covers for the series, the sales numbers tripled. That's right...TRIPLED. In fact, I recently put out a new book in the series and it's doing well. Mariah is incredibly professional and easy to work with and she comes up with the most beautiful covers.

Shéa MacLeod, Author

Mariah Sinclair knows how to make book covers pop. Clever, well put-together, with just that special touch. Her pre-mades tickle the imagination by themselves.

CeeCee James, Author

A custom cover from Mariah Sinclair launched my successful entry into the cozy mystery genre and she continues to provide me with the best quality covers as my cozy mystery series continues.

Sheri Richey, Author

Mariah Sinclair knows cozy covers better than just about anyone I know. She's creative and professional. When you work with Mariah you know you're getting a top tier product that will catch eyeballs in the competitive ebook marketplace.

Morgan Vale, Author

I have a premade trilogy from Mariah. I can’t count how many people have said, “Those covers are AMAZING.” It’s almost gotten old—wait, no it hasn’t; I can't get enough of the compliments! They are incredibly eye catching and so great for the genre. Great covers sell books. I even got a BookBub Featured Deal on the first book in the series, and I think the cover played a huge role in that.

Beth Norris Anderson, Author

Mariah is the cover designer I trust with my author career. I'm always confident that her designs will attract the right readers.

Hillary Avis Reese, Author

Mariah is THE top cozy cover designer in the biz. I started writing cozies just because I love her covers so much! They haven’t been published yet, but they are coming!

Amanda Roberts, Author

Mariah's unique cozy mystery covers and penchant for titling are so incredible that I bought a set and convinced myself to write a cozy series. No one person should have such power! I sincerely believe that her creative cozy mystery covers have directly correlated in an uptick in the genre's popularity. She's that good. Recommend highly, 10 out of 10.

K.M. Lee, Author